About Ibotn

IBOTN (Love jump) children accompanying robot can act as Mother’s helper intelligently, which help mother to realize the baby care within eyesight, and accompany the baby all the time, record the children growing-up little by little.
Utilizing the advanced artificial intelligence and image processing ability, IBOTN brings the most intimate accompany and care. It serves 0-3 years old infants and young children,
let urban working mothers realize the real-time control of child dynamic state, make parent-child interaction anytime anywhere.
IBOTN love jump children accompanying robot, baby growth partner, Mother’s easy assistant! LOVE JUMP, along with love forever!

IBOTN (Love jump), the high-end brand, belongs to Shenzhen Dingsheng Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. Shenzhen Dingsheng Intelligent Technology Co., LTD is committed to become the world’s leading supplier of household intelligent service robot (including children accompanying robot, elderly care robot, family kitchen robot and family protection robot), and build a family ecosystem service platform.
Company was established in Shenzhen in August 2015, registered capital of 10 million RMB.

Brand story

    “Daddy, come back with me, let’s blow candle together, Mom is not at home either!” When I heard the voice of my son via phone, I realized that today is my son’s birthday, but I forgot it.
After our colleagues know the matter, they are all misty-eyed.
The child is the best gift given by God, and we are always busy. We are busy shuttling among the city’s traffic, and busy fighting in the evolution of the workplace.
When we are in front of the computer, hitting the keyboard fast and fiercely, the child may be in tears wanting Mom and Daddy; When we are with the customers, hot discussing and high spirited, we cannot see the child’s clumsy and innocent smile.
What we did all is put down to give child to create a superior living environment, and one future of food on the table, but child just need these?
For the child of this age, their material demand is small, what they need most is the growth of the soul, the accompanying and love from the parents. But usually we are overwhelmed, we can’t often accompany child.
With everyone feeling the pity, suddenly a colleague said, “now we are exports in image recognition, why not develop a robot which can accompany child remotely? ” Everyone feel the inspiration coming!
Act fast after we said, several months later, IBOTN brand is founded officially.
“i” means intelligence, “bot” means robot, “n” represents the infinite possibilities.
We just want to create a young child accompanying robot, let the child get the most intimate remote accompanying, feel the love of parents all the time.
Only love and family affection can not wait! ITOTN, Love jump, along with love forever.

The core team

The core team members come from Stanford University of USA,  Southampton University of UK, Taiwan University,  Hong Kong Chinese University, Huazhong Science and Technology University and so on, the world-class robotics and artificial intelligence research institution, with industry leading technology and resources accumulation.

Based on innovation, in order to build the core competitiveness, our company got over 20 innovation invention patent certificate, like robot interaction system, panels and robot, driving mechanism and robot, switch devices and robot, speech recognition method and the system, robot charging dock and robot, robot head, robot base, robot bionic organization, data processing method and device, the client data processing method and device, phone connection method and client end, the robot communication method and the system, target detection method and device, robot obstacle avoidance device, Robot (child accompanying) and so on.

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