Little i guard

Mother’s second pair of eyes

For a natural adventurer

Children 0-3 years ages are natural adventurers, they are full of curiosity to touch the "restricted", and do some "extreme sports". Therefore, the children’s safety is the most worrying and concerning problem for the Mothers, especially the working Mothers.

A number of exports from Southampton University of UK, Taiwan University, Hong Kong Chinese University form a scientific research team, after many years’ efforts, we have developed the "Little I guard child robot". Its first-class image recognition and face recognition technology created a new ERA of robot image recognition field, being the first choice of millions of mothers.

Loss prevention
Gate guard warning, Mother is assured of safety.

Accurate image algorithm of artificial intelligence, baby face accurate identification, gate intelligent identification.

Little I guard carried the international advanced artificial intelligence chip, using intelligent Genetic Algorithm, it can identify the doors in the home precisely, lock the target image recognition, follow the baby together. When the baby run out of sight, or out of the house alone, little I guard will send the warning to Mother via the early warning alert system. At the same time, the little I guard is equipped with biometric identification technology (face recognition), the recognition rate is as high as 98.96%, it can make emotional judgment via face recognition, for example, if one stranger is near, it will send warning. Little I guard, the loyal guardians of BABY!

Accident prevention
Dangerous scene recognition and timely warning

Creative scene intelligent recognition technology
Early warning to toilet, balcony and kitchen

Little I guard adopt ImageNet scene recognition technology, which is developed by a number of professionals in image field from Stanford University of USA, Southampton University of UK, Taiwan University. It can identify and setup the house dangerous areas like kitchen, toilet and balcony, when the baby is close to these areas, it will sound an alarm in time, and push the information to Mother through APP, let the baby be away from the danger, grow up healthy.

Injury prevention
Put an end to Nanny’s harming baby

Early warning for crying, A key for remote monitoring

Nanny’s child abuse event emerges in endlessly, which make a lot of parents who work out worry. Little I guard carries international advanced speech recognition system Sphinx, when the child crying is unusual, over the preset db value, it will alert and send information to Mother via phone APP. Also, little I guard carries remote monitoring system RemoteView, which can be a key to view real-time video by mobile phone APP and remote control, let you control clearly what happened at home anytime and anywhere. When your house has a little I guard, it will let hurt without hiding.

Perception Based

Image recognition technology

International expert scientific research team
Image recognition technology reached the international leading level.

Little I guard image recognition technology is created exclusive by the scientific research export team from Southampton University of UK, Taiwan University, Hong Kong Chinese University. It not only can use 3D model to correct facial angle, but also it can take the deep learning method to calculate out the facial digital description after adjusting via an analog neural network. The recognition rate is as high as 97.25%, the precision is comparable with the market present leading image recognition technology – DeepFace technology.

Immediately to accompany, Return "home" at any time

Remote video, interactive remote calling

You just need to click APP, fingers slip gently, then you can use one key to open the remote video. During the work gap, you can meet and chat with your baby easily, realize really that you miss then you meet each other, just like as you are at “home” at any time.

Smart capture
Let Mother see every wonderful moment of the baby.

Smart capture, retain the wonderful moments of growing-up, it will let Mother show baby pictures easily!

Little I guard adopted the biometric identification technology, and passed the internationally recognized FDDB face detection , the face key location 300-W and facial recognition LFW “trilogy” evaluation. Without any manual command, little I guard can do automatic face recognition, Capture the wonderful moments of baby at any time, let Mother have more grow-up memory of the baby.

Intelligent interaction, accompanying child grow up happily

EmASR speech recognition system make communication more smooth, more fun.

Little I guard carry the international advanced speech recognition system emASR, it not only can chat with your child, but also it has the adaptive ability. It can understand and adapt to child, and "grow" up with child together, become a baby caring "little playmate". Also, the adults can control little I guard to take pictures, take video, track or broadcast etc by voice command.

The cloud think-tank, treasure the memory of baby’s every day.

The cloud mass storage, security encryption, Family’s wisdom brain

Little I guard's photograph,recording and video files taken, and the parenting teaching content uploaded to Mobile phone APP can be stored into the cloud, which can be downloaded by mobile phone and little I guard at any time, providing parents abundant parenting knowledge. Also, the little I guard will also automatically count child’s whole day video data, generate reports to upload to the cloud.

The operation is simple,
pressing a key to open

As long as it is connected to network, it can be used by elder or child via pressing a key on the little I guard screen. Also, you can set up the voice command, you can use voice to operate little I guard easily.

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